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As a member you'll enjoy discounts or free access to some AddBizz events like our "Eat & Associate", "Meet & Network" and "Shake & Make", where members and other professionals meet in a variety of network-focused settings. Your AddBizz membership can more than pay for itself just by attending one Addbizz event!

As a member you won't need to worry if you've met an important contact at a past event and misplaced their business card. Just make sure to register online and you'll enjoy instant easy access to list of attendees from past events you've simply click on your Event History in your member profile. We'll also email you the list of attendees after the event so you can follow up with your new contacts.

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MORE ABOUT THE BENEFITS OF ADDBIZZ MEMBERSHIP To achieve your professional and business goals, you need to network. And there's no better way to network than with Addbizz LLC. We offer online networking combined with the effectiveness of face-to-face meetings and events. See real results like:

  • improving your client base
  • increasing your business exposure
  • expanding your professional and business network
  • making high quality contacts
  • receiving better quality referrals
  • being presented with new business opportunities


Your professional profile is the first step, and it gets you exposure the moment it's posted online. Your profile is like a mini web page describing your business to the ADDBIZZ community and others browsing the site. Your profile can include a photo, and any articles you've written. You can even feature a business related video in your profile, create your own Contact Lists.

After creating your profile, you'll review profiles of other members and decide who to contact. 

You can begin making new contacts immediately and easily build your business network from your home or office, any time that's convenient. 


As a member you'll enjoy discounts or free access to some ADDBIZZ events like our "Power Lunch", Shake & Make and Business Buddies, where members and other professionals meet in a variety of network-focused settings.